Modification or conversion of equipments

If your equipments are obsolete, or present some lack of efficiency, or are simply not complying anymore with the current environmental standards (use of forbidden refrigerant: R12, R22, ...), LEBRUN can optimize your cooling system in order to reach the performances corresponding to your needs, or in order to adapt your equipments in accordance with constantly evolving regulations.

Regardless of your request (problem with cooling tunnel, air conditioning system or cooling unit in your production line), LEBRUN engineering department will analyze your situation and provide you with a suitable solution while only changing on your equipment what will be strictly necessary.

Our method consists in establishing a dialogue with our customer in order to closely examine the different problems and the possible solutions that will finally help him to meet his particular requirements.

Equally LEBRUN proposes to audit your technical installation with the aim to to defineand apply solutions which allow to reduce the energy consumption of your equipment. LEBRUN has a TCO (Total cost of ownership) approach in the optimisation of the equipement.