Maintenance contract

Safety, serenity , Satisfaction

In order to allow you to work or to produce under safe conditions without worrying for possible defects or breakdowns, LEBRUN has elaborated an efficient preventive maintenance service.

Thanks to its industrial customer portfolio and to its long-lasting experience with maintenance contracts (some have been running for more than 50 years), LEBRUN has been able to develop a maintenance service that is perfectly adapted to the needs and expectations of its customers.

This is also applicable for our aerospace customers for whom we implement adapted maintenance solutions and provide technical trainings tailored to their needs.

Generally said, LEBRUN is proposing preventive maintenance contracts for your refrigeration equipments. After the inventory of your equipments (usually by means of a visit on site), we establish a maintenance contract proposal containing all the maintenance operations that we recommend for your equipments, as well as the frequency suitable for each operation (monthly, once every three months, yearly). Based on these operations, our engineering department will calculate the requested amount of working hours and the corresponding travel expenses. Each maintenance contract is this way personalized according to our customers’ specific equipments, in order to always guarantee them the right price for an optimal working of their cooling installations.

These contracts namely include the maintenance and the control of cold storage rooms, water-coolers, air conditioning systems, cold storage warehouses, cooling systems in production lines and screw or reciprocating compressors (NH3, R134A, etc.) together with the mandatory search of leaks which needs to be performed by acredited professionals.