Ever since its foundation in 1876, LEBRUN, as the Belgian pioneer of the cooling industry, appeared among the greatest names in the field of European industrial refrigeration. The legendary robustness of the LEBRUN compressors (some of them manufactured before 1914 are still in operation) turned the name LEBRUN into a synonym of excellence and efficiency.

The same objectives are still in the concerns of today's new staff which manages LEBRUN in the respect for traditions but with renewed vitality.

As a financially independent company, LEBRUN combines the professionalism of an experienced team with the flexibility and the commitment of a medium-sized entity.

LEBRUN exclusive field of competence is the refrigeration, mainly in the sectors of the aerospace, pharmaceutical and food processing industries.

From the design of a cooling system to its completion and its maintenance, LEBRUN controls and coordinates all the different stages of the refrigeration.

It is essential to start up with an appropriate design. To achieve such an efficient refrigeration system, needs and priorities of the customer should be initially assessed properly. This can be realized through a technical dialogue between the user of the refrigeration system and the technical engineer. Most of the time, it results in a tailor made system for which investment costs are in balance with user requirements.

The spirit of LEBRUN's engineering department can be summarized as follows: the search for optimal results according to a technical dialogue while providing tailor made solutions at the fairest rate through the assembly of standardized products.

The selection of the best components is of the utmost importance when aiming for quality. A LEBRUN system is built to last, not to make it just a couple of years after the warranty period.

Consisting of skilled technicians and graduates from topmost engineering schools, our engineering department is at the leading edge of the refrigeration technology.

Additionally, the interest in ammonia, a widely used industrial refrigerant, is clearly going through a revival these past few years. Its application field has also been extended to the air conditioning sector, mainly due to the increasing technical and legal concerns regarding the use of Freon.

Cooling systems using ammonia refrigerant are one of LEBRUN's main applications. Based on its long-lasting knowledge in the industry, our company is able to design and build ammonia cooling systems that require minimum amounts of refrigerant.

LEBRUN designs, assembles and commissions refrigeration systems according to specific requirements, using screw or reciprocating compressors.

An assembly workshop, well-equipped mobile teams combining dynamism and expertise, the compliance with the refrigeration code of practice enable LEBRUN to achieve high quality work.

LEBRUN provides to its customers its mobile maintenance staff, reachable 24 hours a day via our emergency service.

More than anything, the quality of LEBRUN refrigeration systems and maintenance combined with our company’s flexible approach to look for adapted solutions to each customer give LEBRUN its position of privileged interlocutor in the refrigeration world.

Finally, the energy constrains and the permanent evolution of legal and compliance requirements in the refrigeration industry offer to our company the opportunity to be at the forefront of innovation and allow us to deliver to our customers performing solutions in line with the environmental challenges of our time.