Lebrun History: 130 years of experience in the refrigeration industry

1868: Bruno LEBRUN, engineer

It’s been a while since the LEBRUN Company celebrated its 100th anniversary. In 1868, Bruno LEBRUN, who graduated from the École des Mines in Mons (today Faculté polytechnique), established his workshop in Nimy. At that time, the south part of Belgium was mainly living on the mining industry. Bruno LEBRUN delivered large quantities of machines to the mines: dynamos, electrical engines, locomotives, but principally steam engines and compressors.

1876: The first refrigeration system

130 years ago, in 1876 to be precise, Bruno LEBRUN built his first refrigeration system: his first compressor dedicated to the production of cold. Quickly the first orders were flooding in from all parts. And a few years later, every country in the world was familiar with the superior quality of LEBRUN compressors.

Engineering Orientation

The engineering orientation was taken in the 70’s in all cooling domains thanks to a team of engineers capable of embracing all technical challenges and able to deliver on challenging projects.

In 1981, the company Lebrun-Nimy is set-up with activities in the same domains. After some changes in the shareholding, the company is taken over by private shareholders represented through the company KERMA which owns 100% of the shares of Lebrun-Nimy. Manufacturing activities are limited to assembly keeping the design and conception of cooling installations together with sales and after-sales services.