Diesel powered units

LEBRUN diesel powered mobile preconditioned air units (with integrated diesel generator) offer a cheaper alternative to the use of the APU (Auxiliary Power Unit) in order to maintain the appropriate temperature inside the cockpit, the cabin and the electronic compartment of any parked aircraft during pre-flight servicing, loading and maintenance (AIRBUS, BOEING, MD, EMBRAER, FALCON,...). Completely self-contained, these units also make it possible to quickly increase or decrease the temperature inside any airplane according to weather conditions and constraints.

Entirely autonomous and easily movable thanks to their compact design, these mobile preconditioned air units allow operators to easily position them to their adequate location. Additionally, due to their extremely low noise level, they can either be used on the ramp, as well as in maintenance hangars.

Reaching delivered temperatures between -5°C and +5°C in cooling mode and up to 65°C in heating mode regardless severe ambient conditions (from -15°C to +55°C and up to 100% R.H. ), LEBRUN preconditioned air units are available trailer-mounted or truck-mounted and provide variable air flow from 0 kg/s to 6,5 kg/s according to the requirements and constraints.

Main features :

  • Tailor made mobile preconditioned air units, according to the specific needs of users (Structure - Frame - Capacity – Dimensions)
  • Available trailer mounted for towing or truck mounted on suitable chassis
  • Wheeled mobile frame with tow bar and parking brake
  • One or two air delivery hoses with easy selection
  • High refrigeration capacity available for severe external conditions (temperature up to 55°C and humidity up to 100% R.H.)
  • General control of the unit through PLC ensuring the management between modes :
    • Optimized working of the cooling system at any time
    • Easy use (centralized control panel with simple user interface)
    • Gradual control allowing to work at low capacity in case of breakdown
    • Energy savings
    • Control and management of the unit by remote control available
  • Electronic cooling mode control
  • Automatic adaptation of the cooling capacity to effective requirement
  • Environmentally “safe” refrigerant
  • Automatic adaptability to any aircraft types while always giving maximum capacity
  • Condenser positioned at the top of the unit avoiding any fast clogging
  • High level of filtration at air intake
  • Integrated storage zone for air ducts
  • Easy access to technical compartment and safety mechanisms through numerous panels
  • Movable internal lighting for servicing, bumpers, reflectors, indicator lights
  • Low noise level
  • Easy to operate
  • Low maintenance costs
  • CE certification and international labeling